Azores Islands

The Azores islands in Portugal, or "Açores" in Portuguese, is composed of 9 volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic, about 2500km east of Newfoundland, Canada. 

Commonly referred to as Azores Archipelago, the islands were discovered by Portuguese navigators in the 15th century and are home to the only commercial tea plantation in all of Europe.



Fun Facts To Discover About The Azores 

  • Love whale watching? The Azores is known for some of the best whale watching sites in the world. In fact, a third of all whale and dolphin species migrate through the islands of Portugal every year.
  • It's home to some of the tallest mountains on Earth when measured from their lowest point underwater. The highest summit, Mount Pico, stands at 2,531 metres tall! 
  • The smallest island, Corvo, is only 17 square kilometres. That's only about 5 times the size of Central Park.
  • The heat from Furnas, the hot springs of São Miguel, is used to cook Cozido. This famous local dish of mouthwatering meats and vegetables simmers underground for six hours in the earth's soil before being served.
  • The locals and tourists alike love to visit "Sete Cidades", a beautiful blue-green twin lake that's nestled in a crater formed on the island of the dormant volcano São Miguel.
  • The Azores is ranked as one of the most sustainable tourism destinations in the world!