Our Brand

Our Purpose

We are a socially conscious tea business focused on inspiring environmental sustainability and marine conservation.

We are different. While most tea is grown at high altitudes, our tea is found roughly at sea level, on a volcano, that possesses magical properties that infuses its way into the tea that it creates.



"Look into your cup. 
The loose leaves that created the tea you see were born far away on a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a remote island called São Miguel. The seedlings were from the tea tree, "Camellia sinensis" which was given to the King of Portugal by the Emperor of China. It all began in 1874 with the journey of two individuals from Macau who introduced tea cultivation on the island. 1883 marked the beginning of the tea plantation that has grown the precious leaves ever since.
The mineral infused volcanic soil coupled with the temperate tropical climate creates an optimal oasis for growing the tea leaves, being the furthest away possible from any source of pollution. Once the plant reaches prime harvesting, they are picked and go through the process of wilting, fermenting and drying.
Once carefully "processed" they embark on a long journey via ship across the Atlantic ocean, riding the same waves as the 25 species of migrating whales and dolphins that make their way through the Azores islands. Upon reaching their final destination in Toronto, Canada, the dried tea leaves are carefully packaged into their temporary "forever homes" of either tin or pouch, awaiting to be selected.
You know that good things take time. Your tea has taken time to get to you, so take time for your tea. Enjoy the soothing, delicate flavours and lingering aromas that it provides."

Happy Brewing!
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Our tea is high quality, free from all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Our tea is found on the only commercial plantation in Europe, a tea growing oasis and undiscovered gem.

We are 100% sourced from Azores, committed to providing an exclusive tea drinking experience. 

We focus on quality over quantity.

We are an island tea with a purpose, focused on marine conservation and giving back to the environment.

We have a very limited supply of harvested tea, making us a rare commodiTEA.

Our tea is organic, we are pending certification. 



All our tea is easily enjoyed & happily brewed for 5 minutes, for maximum health benefits. If you like you can adjust and shorten tea brewing times to suit your personal preference.