Our Story

Teazorean came to life when Mark and Megan decided to embark on a long summer adventure to Europe.

We had always thought about selling tea online but only when we were exposed to new experiences and having the time to sip a cup of tea whenever we pleased, did it start to become a reality.

After visiting the tea plantation in São Miguel, (which would become the future source for island tea) they knew they discovered a gem. Not only was the tea extremely soothing and pure-tasting, the tea-making process was completely transparent and organic. 

After going whale watching at one of the best whale watching sites in the world we thought of an interesting connection for our tea business - to help educate tea drinkers about marine conservation.  We saw an unsaturated market opportunity and a compelling vision to create a sustainable and socially conscious tea business.

Two undiscovered gems, one island, ready to spread the story to the world one tea at a time.

We started to realize that back home in Canada, even though tea was a very popular drink, we had never heard of anyone selling tea from the Azores. Mostly the market consisted of China, India, Sri Lanka and East Asian teas. Not only did we want to share the distinct flavour of the Azorean tea, we truly wanted to stand out and make a difference in the world of tea.